After reading So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport, I was enthralled by the topic of Little Bets.

Little Bets are defined as:

bite-sized, carefully chosen projects that take no more than a few months, give you valuable feedback, and help you to determine your next steps. You don’t need to commit to a project that will determine your work life for the next few years. Take on small projects and continuously adapt.


In the book, the author gives an example of a recently published paper which in his community was gaining a lot of traction. While people were able to adequately explain the topic of the paper at a high level, very few understood how it worked under the hood. The author chose to spend an hour a day learning the paper over the period of two weeks until they eventually accomplished an expert level of understanding and even going as far to discover a mistake made in the paper.

With that being said, I wanted to replicate the author’s experience and as such I chose OAuth as my research project. The two main reasons why I chose OAuth as the research topic is due to how broad the topic is and its increasing popularity in the recent years. Rather than researching some novel attack techniques, I first needed to take a step back and actually do a deep dive and understand what OAuth is and how it works.


After spending a few weeks studying the topic across different sources, I compiled my notes into an easily digestible Gitbook Notebook which can be found at:

The intended audience of the notebook is for everyone regardless if they’re a developer or a pentester. The notes were designed in such a way that if you blank on a specific OAuth topic, you can quickly revisit the notes and read a high level overview. Furthermore included in the notes are several proof of concepts which demonstrate various vulnerabilities that could be found in an OAuth implementation.


Thanks for reading and please reach out if you have any questions and/or suggestions.